Optogate PB-05

3 Versions of the PB-05 are available. Ideal for lead and back-up Vocals, Acoustical instruments and Talk-Back mics. Optogate products are by far the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live audio applications.

Optogate PB-06

The Optogate PB-06 is our microphone gate for fixed installations, i.e. Tables, Lecterns and Podiums. This unit is ideal for Churches and Houses of Worship.

Optogate PB-07

The PB-07 has a front facing flat IR sensor and mounts vertical on mic stands, (Please be sure that the PB-07 is correct for your application). It is ideal for talk-back mics, lecterns and podiums or where a gooseneck microphone is used, (Adapter may not fit all mic stands). Great for lead and back-up vocals, acoustical instruments in this vertical configuration where you do not want it in-back of the mic such as a PB-05.

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