Optogate PB-06

Optogate PB-06

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The Optogate PB-06 is our microphone gate for fixed installations, i.e. Tables, Lecterns and Podiums. This unit is ideal for Churches and Houses of Worship.

The New Optogate PB-06 is a Brand New upgraded version of the old well known model for conferences, recording studios, talk-backs, houses of worship podiums / lecterns and any table top applications. The combination of the optical gate along with a push button, xlr cables and 4 different modes allow this to be the most versatile PB-06 ever!

The PB-06 is equipped with an infrared sensor and senses if someone is in front of the microphone in order to switch on the microphone. The microphone will be switched off automatically if no one is in front of it. The distance of activation can be adjusted between 2 inches and 3 feet with the help of the trim pot located on the top of the unit. It is powered by 48v phantom from your console.

Optogates are by far the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live audio applications. It eliminates unwanted background noise of other instruments into unused, open microphones on stage. So, the clarity of the sound and the dynamics are increased due to less phase cancellation between other open mics and stage background noise. It also reduces the possibility of Feedback from unused open mics!

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  • Turns off your mic automatically via infrared signal when you are not using it!
  • No false audio triggers!
  • Set the distance and play!
  • Eliminates unwanted sound from going to your mix, monitors, and P.A.!
  • Excellent for in-ear monitors and loud stage environments!
  • Your sound will be better than EVER before!
  • Your amps will sound better!
  • Your ears and your audiences will thank you!
  • One year warranty!
  • You will not be able to live without these gems once you use them!

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  Optogate PB-06 Manual

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Optogate PB-06
Dimensions: 40 mm long x 25 mm high x 12 mm wide
Connectors: 2 x 50 cm cable with xlr connectors
Case Construction: 1,2 mm steel, powder coated
Distance Adjustable between 15 - 120 cm (depending on the type of reflection surface)
Angle + / - 10 °
Switching noise: Immeasurable
Frequency responses 0 Hz - 30kHz, - 3 dB at 150 Ohm mic impedance
Signal noise ratio: -114 dB / -122 dB, Mic on / off, 150 Ohm Mic.
Distortion < 0,05 % at 100mV
Delay time mic on: < 0,2 Sec
Delay time mic off: ca. 1 Sec
Attenuation "mic on": 0 dB
Attenuation "mic off": 42 dB at 150 Ohm mic impedance
Usable mic types: All types of dynamic - and phantom powered mics. Up to 10 mA current consumption
Maximum input level: 3 dB (1,1V)
Operating temperature: 0 - 55 Grad Celsius
Background light range: 0 - 20000 Lux daylight und 0 - 12000 Lux electric light bulb
Distance measurement: Active infrared reflection principle with daylight filter.
Power: 24-48 V Phantom power
Current consumption: ca. 3.7 mA